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Template for BS-table row comprising four symbols.

  • Parameter1: ID of 1st Image (leer or leave blank for no symbol)
  • Parameter2: ID of 2nd Image (leer or leave blank for no symbol)
  • Parameter3: ID of 3rd Image (leer or leave blank for no symbol)
  • Parameter4: mileage
  • Parameter5: Name
  • Parameter6: Note 1
  • Parameter7: Note 2 - right-aligned
    • designated parameter PX: Width of image ( e.g. PX=50px), default 20px
    • designated parameter HI: Use CSS class "highlight", in order to emphasize certain sections, example see Seetalbahn
    • designated parameter O1, O2, O3: ID of the Overlapping image on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd image respectvely
This template is part of the German railway line infobox and currently a work in progress.

While it may be safe to use in the article namespace, there may be unexpected glitches or bugs, so use with caution.