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Please help making image templates machine-readable[вики-текстны үзгәртү]

Hi all,

you are getting this message because Media Viewer has been released, or will soon be released, to your wiki. MediaViewer relies on machine-readable templates to display image information such as description, author or license; other tools will probably follow soon. We need your help in ensuring that local license templates and the local equivalent of commons:Template:Information are machine-readable. The process of marking up templates is described at mw:Multimedia/Media Viewer/Template compatibility. If MediaViewer was not released on this wiki yet, you can enable it for testing under Preferences > Beta features. We are happy to answer any question, but do not have the means to follow each page where this message is sent, so please reply at mw:Talk:Multimedia/Media Viewer or my talk page. Thanks!

(If you are a tool author and interested in using machine-readable template data, check out mw:Extension:CommonsMetadata#Usage.)

--Tgr (WMF) (talk) 4 май 2014, 18:14 (UTC)

List of local pages with slow parsing[вики-текстны үзгәртү]

A list of slow pages has been published for your wiki (and all wikis). You can use the list to find and monitor pages which are very slow to view for registered users and preview during edit; those pages probably need their templates to be converted to Lua, or other actions. See example output for it.wiki. Please ask more questions on phabricator:T98563 if possible. Nemo (бәхәс) 8 июн 2015, 13:57 (UTC)