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Blank[вики-текстны үзгәртү]

|holiday_name  = required 
|type          = required
|longtype      = 
|image         =  
|caption       = 
|official_name = 
|nickname      = 
|observedby    = 
|begins        = 
|ends          = 
|date          = 
|date2006      = 
|celebrations  = 
|observances   = 
|relatedto     = 

Parameters[вики-текстны үзгәртү]

Required[вики-текстны үзгәртү]

This is the most common holiday name, which appears at the top of the infobox. It should almost always be the name of the article.
The type of the holiday, for example national, judaism, islamic etc..
required for multi-day holidays - This is the starting date for a multi-day holiday.
required for multi-day holidays - This is the ending date for a multi-day holiday.
required for single-day holidays - This is the date of a single-day holiday.
highly reccommended for holidays that don't stay on the same Gregorian date - This is the Gregorian date on which the holiday will occur in 2006. At the end of 2006, this will be replaced with date2007, which will later be replaced with date2008. Therefore, it's a good idea to specify the Gregorian date for a few future years.

Optional[вики-текстны үзгәртү]

highly reccommended - These are the people who celebrate/observe the holiday (e.g. Muslims and Islam, United States of America, people worldwide)
a Lengthier description of the type, for example if there are two types that could be defined, for example "Cultural, Historical, Islamic"
This should be an image that represents the holiday.
This is a caption that describes the image.
This should contain the official name of the holiday if it is not the holiday_name; this can also be the name of the holiday in its original language
This should hold any nicknames, alternatives, and translations for the holiday_name or official_name
This contains the celebrations that occur on the holiday.
This contains essentially the same thing as the celebrations attribute. However, the word observances is used. This may be more appropriate than celebrations when referring to prayer or more solemn observances. Most likely, you will not need both celebrations and observances.
This contains holidays that relate to the current holiday.

Non-Standard[вики-текстны үзгәртү]

Using these value it cause the calender to be placed into Category:Non-standard holiday infoboxes

This is the background color for the holiday name cell.
required, if a caption is set - This is the background color for the image caption.
This is the background color for the cells that hold the information titles.

The type parameter have this relation:

Type (param "type") Color
islam LightGreen
judaism LightSkyBlue
buddhism PaleGoldenRod
christianity Lavender
asian festival RosyBrown
secular DarkGray
(inter)national MediumOrchid
historical/cultural LightSalmon
pagan DarkKhaki
commercial HotPink
default LightSteelBlue