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    Wikipedia — ирекле энциклопедия проектыннан ([http://tt.wikipedia.org.ttcysuttlart1999.aylandirow.tmf.org.ru/wiki/EdBever latin yazuında])

    Only?[вики-текстны үзгәртү]

    Hello! Sorry, but what do you mean by telling, that you are only active on this wiki for vandalfighting purposes? We have our team of admins, which also does this work..--Рашат Якуп 24 сен 2011, 09:42 (UTC)Ответить[җавап бирү]

    Hi, I am mostly handling crosswiki spam and such things. This usually means a user is active on many wikipedia projects placing links (spam) or vandalising pages. Local admins or users may not notice this disruptive behavior, but myself and some others track this down across wikipedia. This means that I may be active here for that reason and that reason only. I do not speak your language so I'll leave the regular vandalism and such to the admins of tt.wp. EdBever 24 сен 2011, 12:11 (UTC)Ответить[җавап бирү]
    Ok, I understood. Thank you ;)--Рашат Якуп 26 сен 2011, 07:29 (UTC)Ответить[җавап бирү]