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Бу файл Викиҗыентык проектыннан һәм башка проектларда кулланырга мөмкин. Файл турында тулырак мәгълүмат түбәндәрәк күрсәтелгән.

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العربية: ختم إمبراطور اليابان.
日本語: 菊花紋章
Монгол: Япон эзэн хааны сүлд
Slovenščina: Državni grb Japonske
Tiếng Việt: 國徽日本 / Quốc huy Nhật Bản
Чыганагы Inspired by File:Japan coa kiku.png
Автор User:Philip Nilsson
(Бу файлны кабат куллану)
Public domain This work is in the public domain in Japan according to Article 13 of the Copyright Act of Japan, which states that the following shall not form the subject matter of the rights provided for in this Chapter:
  • (i) the Constitution and other laws and regulations;
  • (ii) notifications, instructions, circular notices and the like issued by organs of the State or local public entities, independent administrative organs ("independent administrative organs" means those mentioned in Article 2, paragraph (1) of the Law for General Rules for Independent Administrative Organs (Law No.103, of 1999); the same shall apply hereinafter) or local independent administrative organs ("local independent administrative organs" means those mentioned in Article 2, paragraph (1) of the Law for Local Independent Administrative Organs (Law No.118, of 2003); the same shall apply hereinafter);
  • (iii) judgments, decisions, orders and decrees of law courts, as well as rulings and decisions made by administrative organs in proceedings similar to judicial ones;
  • (iv) translations and compilations, of those materials mentioned in the preceding three items, made by organs of the State or local public entities, independent administrative organs or local independent administrative organs.

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Public domain in U.S.
This work is in the public domain in the U.S. because it is an edict of a government, local or foreign. See § 313.6(C)(2) of the Compendium of U.S. Copyright Office Practices, 3rd ed. 2014 (Compendium (Third)) . Such documents include "legislative enactments, judicial decisions, administrative rulings, public ordinances, or similar types of official legal materials." These do not include works first published by the United Nations or any of its specialized agencies, or by the Organization of American States. See Compendium (Third) § 313.6(C)(2) and 17 U.S.C. § 104(b)(5).

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A non-American governmental edict may still be copyrighted outside the U.S. Similarly, the above U.S. Copyright Office Practice does not prevent U.S. states or localities from holding copyright abroad, depending on foreign copyright laws and regulations.

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Башка юрамалар
SVG разработка


Public domain Это изображение простых геометрических фигур не удовлетворяет требованиям, необходимым для возникновения защиты авторским правом, то есть находится в общественном достоянии (англ. public domain), потому что содержит лишь общеизвестную информацию и не является результатом творческой деятельности.
Это изображение содержит флаг, герб, гербовую печать или другие официальные знаки отличия. Использование этих символов ограничено во многих странах. Данные ограничения могут применяться независимо от статуса лицензирования.



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11 сен 2009, 16:4111 сен 2009, 16:41 көнне булган юрама эскизы1000 × 1000 (7 Кб)Zscout370The stroke size bothered me, so reduced it to match what I see on government documents and coins, such as http://www.mint.go.jp/imperial/index.html
6 дек 2008, 20:356 дек 2008, 20:35 көнне булган юрама эскизы1000 × 1000 (808 байт)PenubagThe previous revision looks more gold than the brownish one
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3 ноя 2008, 05:063 ноя 2008, 05:06 көнне булган юрама эскизы1000 × 1000 (3 Кб)EurodollersIt's rather Gold. Refer Imperial flag or Japanese passport.
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